When Your Dreams are Bigger than Your Laptop

I want to make Youtube videos.

Technically, all I need to do that is a webcam and any account connected to Google. However I want a little more quality than that.

I got a wonderful camera for Christmas (I mean it's not a Canon 70D but 1.2k isn't chump change). It's really cute and I love it. But it didn't exactly come with editing software. Or a new laptop. Or magic that makes my laptop even slightly more competent.

You see, my laptop is a potato (aka it's a hand-me-down from my sister and let's just say there's a good reason she got a new laptop). I filmed and edited a video that I am very proud of but MY LAPTOP WON'T SAVE IT PROPERLY.

And I am outraged.

Backstory time:

When I was just a lil 16-year-old, I started watching Youtube videos that weren't just Blimey Cow (still love me some BC tho). Katie Gregoire and Chris Howard and Kirby Minnick had channels I loved and I was like "yo I can do that."

The first time I thought that was about a year ago. This was also the time I started this blog. I asked for a camera for Christmas for the purpose of vlogging. I got the camera and then I procrastinate for another 4ish months.

After a couple of false starts in February and March, I filmed a video I actually liked in May. It was almost 2 weeks after my 17th birthday and so I made it about what I learned when I was 16. Personally, I think it's funny and pretty okay overall. I spent about 300 years editing and was ready to upload it to Youtube when my laptop punched me in the face.

You see, the thing about Windows Movie Maker is that it's the literal worst. There are about two things total you can do, and among those things being able to save a video so that's it's possible to post it on Youtube is not included.

I tried until 1:00AM to get my video saved to my computer properly so that could post it to the 'Tube properly and become a famous Youtuber. I was so angry at my potato laptop that I was just about to throw it across the room but then I was like 'wait that's dumb that won't help.' So I went to bed instead. And I cried about Youtube in the morning. And the next morning too.

That was a month ago and my laptop is still a potato so that video is never going to make it to the Internet. *Moment of silence for the forever secret video I worked so hard on.*

So now I'm saving money so I can get proper editing software. I currently have *counts on fingers* *punches buttons on graphing calculator* *weighs it all to triple check* one dollar. And I also want to buy a ukulele and a proper tripod so basically I need to get rich quick. Someone start a Kickstarter for Hadley's Youtube channel.

There's not really any point to this. That's just what's up. Happy one year blogaversary to me! That's all. Bye.

haha you were probably expecting this to be all inspirational but it's just me rambling about my crushed dreams.


  1. Hey Hadley, I'm that "creep" that emailed you a while ago. Perhaps a GoFundMe page explaining what you're attempting to do, with excerpts from your favorite blog posts all awhile explaining to a borrowed camera what you want to do. Explain the focus of what you want to do with your eventual channel, just list out like 3-5 ideas, and explain precisely what you're planning on getting. Also, I saw the lovely words "Blimeycow", so here's what Josh Taylor recommends: http://www.dearfuturejosh.com/stuffirecommend/ (I've also been looking into this too. :)

    1. Thank you for your advice Joey! A GFM (or something similar) is definitely something I'd consider in the future, when I'm more into it (hopefully in like January or something). For now, I'm using iMovie on our desktop computer. Still getting used to using a Mac but I'm getting there D: Thanks for being awesome!


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