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When Your Dreams are Bigger than Your Laptop

I want to make Youtube videos.

Technically, all I need to do that is a webcam and any account connected to Google. However I want a little more quality than that.

I got a wonderful camera for Christmas (I mean it's not a Canon 70D but 1.2k isn't chump change). It's really cute and I love it. But it didn't exactly come with editing software. Or a new laptop. Or magic that makes my laptop even slightly more competent.

You see, my laptop is a potato (aka it's a hand-me-down from my sister and let's just say there's a good reason she got a new laptop). I filmed and edited a video that I am very proud of but MY LAPTOP WON'T SAVE IT PROPERLY.

And I am outraged.

Backstory time:

When I was just a lil 16-year-old, I started watching Youtube videos that weren't just Blimey Cow (still love me some BC tho). Katie Gregoire and Chris Howard and Kirby Minnick had channels I loved and I was like "yo I can do that."

The first time I thought that was about …