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I Love Ice-Cream Until I Hate It

When I see ice-cream in the freezer, I get really excited. I probably forgot it was there, and after a day of  school, writing, debate and speech, it looks exceptionally lovely. All sweet and creamy and cold and sometime have cookie dough, and that's even better.
But after a second, the excitement fades. I don't mind going through the trouble of washing a bowl, getting a spoon, and thawing the ice-cream. That's all worth it for the sweetness and general loveliness. But other concerns cross my mind.
I probably shouldn't have any ice-cream, especially after everything else I ate today.
I mean, my hips are big enough already.
And have you seen the way my thighs get all wide when I sit down?
Or the way my legs jiggle so grossly when I run?
Or ... anything else.
Regardless, I find some excuse--I won't have any tomorrow, or I'm going to play Frisbee tomorrow, or whatever--and scoop the ice-cream into the bowl. I pull my laptop up and edit my novel, taking a few bite…

Start Here.

For the one who desires to be honest, but are afraid others won't accept your brokenness
For the one who has heard the word grace a thousand times, but don't know what it really means
For the one who wishes she were confident, but can't figure out how
For the guy raised learning Sunday School answers, but feels like he doesn't know anything
For the girl who wants to make a difference, but feels too small to be noticed
For the "cool kid" who knows how to be liked, but is crushed when they aren't
For the teenager who has something to say, but fears no one will listen
For the good girl who is breaking inside, and the good boy who won't show his struggles
For anyone who wants to be brave, but doesn't know where to start
I'm writing for you.
I'm afraid of honesty, but I know the risk is worth the reward. The only reason I know what grace is, is because I need it every day. I try to be confident, but I'm still learning how.
Bravery isn'…