September is Over, October is Here

I was up until one the other night, so there was a moment when I looked down at the clock before going to bed and saw this:

This small box in the bottom right corner of my laptop screen was the biggest relief. Not that September was the worst thing ever, but there was so much going on the whole month and, unlike most months, it did not go by fast.

But it's over now, and I can look back and say I did productive things! September is one of the busiest months of the year for me, and October is one of my favorite months, so I'm going to share what I learned in September and what I'm looking forward to in October (spoiler alert: it's not Halloween).

What I learned

1. I work better with a deadline

If I absolutely have to get something--a speech, a novel, a blog post--done by a specific time, I will get it done. Loose deadlines leads to procrastination and scrolling Pinterest and watching Once Upon A Time reruns. And then when I realize I should probably do the thing I should've done a week ago.and it's a big mess. Solid deadlines are my friend.

2. Sometimes I have to take a step back

If I spend too much time worrying about things that ended, things that won't last, or things that will never be, I can't think about anything else and I get really overwhelmed. It affects my entire mood and actions towards other people and then I feel even worse. I have to take a step back, write a journal entry, take a break from what's worrying me and move on.

What I'm looking forward to

1. Sweater Weather

It's 71 degrees outside right now and I couldn't be happier. Fall fashion is my absolute favorite. I wore boots for the first time since March yesterday, and I swear boots make me feel more confident and just happier in general. Jackets and booties and scarfs and oranges and plums (the colours, not the foods). I'm so done with 95+ temperatures and I am so ready for leaves to fall and for 65 degree weather.

2. Writing Freedom

I had a writing deadline for the last of September, so for like, half the month I was panicking about finishing a bunch of things with my novel. I basically couldn't do any other writing related thing because all my writing time, including blogging, was devoted to editing my novel  Now that September is over, I get to take a little break from my really important novel and have fun with blogging and working on different projects instead of edits until 2am. 

3. Fall Retreat

One week from day, I am going with my youth group to Sky Ranch and I'm so excited because I didn't get to go last year. There'll be a shaving cream war, sleeping in really cold cabins, amazing services, and decent enough camp food, not to mention my ah-mazing friends. (Plus none of my friends will have phones so they won't be snapchatting the whole time like usual.)

Autumn is my favorite season and I'm so glad it's finally here after a deathly long summer (in case you didn't know, Texas summers start in April and don't end until October/November). That's what's up with me, so why don't you tell me what's up with you? Let me know in the comments and I will love you forever.


  1. Hey girl! Sounds like September was a very beneficial month for you. I NEED (I didn't know the caps lock was still on, but we're just going to leave it) deadlines as well, I work so much better with them, especially if I have an accountability buddy to help enforce them. Stepping back is good, and we should realize that we really do need to. A lot of times, I'll step back and be filled with guilt because I'm stepping back...but it's perfectly okay to step back =)

    Also...this upcoming month sounds like its going to be fabulous for you! LOVE LOVE LOVE (intentional use of caps) sweater weather!!!! I've just been drooling over my shelves of sweaters in my closet and same with my boots. Have fun on your retreat! That sounds like so much fun. I'm going on a retreat in December with some of my best friends from my hometown, which I'm super pumped about.

    I also had a big deadline in September, to finish my novel. Unfortunately, that didn't happen, but I'm still proud of the progress I made. This month, I'm trying to finish it in time to outline and start a new one for NaNoWriMo.

    Best of luck to you this month!!

    1. Ah NaNo is so scary! I'm always so busy in November (and in the CampNaNo months), so I can never do it. I've always thought November is a very writer-y month. With scarfs, and coffee/tea/hot chocolate, and leaves and everything, it's so inspirational :)

      Even if you didn't make your deadline, making that progress toward reaching that goal is a big step.

      The thing about stepping back is that it feels like moving backward (duh). Moving backward has a negative connotation, but sometimes we have to in order to move forward. It's like when your zipper gets caught on your jacket. You have to pull zipper-puller-thinger backwards in order to get it all the way up. :)

      Best of luck to you this month, and next month, and all the rest of the months (just so we're covered ;) ).



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